No More Chances to Give

I have a great deal of respect for the office of president, but absolutely none for the man about to take that office.

This man —  this inelegant, childish, nasty, ignorant bully — this man is going to hold the highest office of our nation. This isn’t crying about my side not winning. This is abject terror about what’s about to happen (what’s already happening) to our country, our people, our friends, our neighbors, our family when a narcissistic, willfully uninformed individual is given the power we are about to bestow on him.

I can’t abide the people who are still admonishing us to “give him a chance.” I did that. I hoped against hope that the foul-mouthed, blowhard, assinine behavior we witnessed during the campaign was just a gimmick. I thought maybe, just maybe, he was putting on an act and would pull a dramatic reversal when the transition started.

I held out hope after his meeting with President Obama in the White House. I thought I saw a glimmer of the humility required to truly lead. But that hope has been dashed by almost everything the man has said and done since that moment.

His “chance” began the day after the election. He had a chance to appoint people to advise him well. Instead, he’s attempting to fill his cabinet with people who will never tell truth to power, in part because they don’t recognize the truth themselves.

He had a chance to show gravitas required of such an exalted position but, instead, we wake every morning to his latest infantile, schoolyard bullying tweets.

He’s had a chance to lay out actual plans for any of the promises he made to the people who voted for him. Not that I want any of those promises to be fulfilled, mind you, but any sign of coherent thought would be a relief.

He had a chance to do the ethical thing and truly separate the office of president from his vast business holdings. Instead, he enters office with a mountain of conflict of interest.

The time for “give him a chance” is over.

I try to find some comfort in the glaringly obvious fact that this man is in way over his head. I am fairly certain he won’t be able to follow through on most of the monstrous promises he made. I also believe we are almost certainly going to witness an impeachment in the not-too-distant future because this man simply cannot control himself.

I would feel so much safer, though, if I saw some sign of a mind at work in the man I must now call President Trump.

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